Monday, February 27, 2012

Today's Run: Running in the Cold (Oct 26)

Today I went for a run, I'm on day 48 of my transition plan running 100% barefoot.  I ran 0.88 miles today, at the end of two months I will run 1 mile 100% barefoot and be ready to run in minimalist shoes full time.  I wanted to comment on my run today because it was 50 degrees (real feel of 41) and overcast.  This was the coldest day I've run so far, it being November this makes sense, and I noticed that my feet began to go numb.  Now this wouldn't be so bad, they weren't at risk of frost bite or anything, except that when your feet numb they can't feel the ground how they normally would.  Seeing as I have been running barefoot for so long now, I have a good idea of how I should step, but I still was at a loss because I couldn't feel when a step hurt as much.  This sounds kind of ironic, one would think no pain would be good, which isnt' the case here.  I once read a comment from a barefoot runner, I believe he wore Vibram Five Fingers, who said he wouldn't run below 65 in his VFFs (not flows).  Since then I have run much colder and not been bothered.  It is also a matter of conditions, sometimes it can be cooler and the sun is out or you can bundle up and keep your body warmer.  My advice is to run 100% barefoot (or in minimalist footwear for that matter) until your feet are just past the point where they are numb and you don't receive that feedback from the ground.  


In the next few posts I hope to put up my transition plan, which I created from a variety of resources.  I haven't found anything like it anywhere else and am happy to make it available to up and coming barefoot runners.  As always, take off your socks and shoes and run barefoot!

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