Saturday, March 17, 2012

Why the Dates?

Some of you may have noticed the date next to previous blog posts and are wondering, "What's going on here?" Well I started my telling my barefoot/minimalist story on but recently decided to move to Blogger. As a result, I have transferred all of my old posts over to give new readers the whole story. Please read previous posts at your leisure. They say a lot about barefoot running in general, as well as my own personal story from shod cushioned shoes to now. I hope you have an interest or a love of barefoot running and if not I hope you do after reading some of these posts. Welcome and as I like to say, kick off your socks and shoes and go barefoot!


  1. To see all the posts in their original form go to

    1. What are some great minimalist shoes?
      I know it isn't realistic for people to go completely barefoot all the time and wouldn't a minimalist shoe be a good transition?
      I see nike make's a shoe called the nike free that I have seen a lot of people wearing at the gym! I think as big shoe companies get into going shoeless it will become more popular! What do you think of this?


      They look so comfy! but they have their flaws!